About Us

The NFT Super-App, Cupcake, simplifies the complex technical restrictions and lengthy setup processes typical of acquiring NFTs for the first time, and eliminates gas fees for users. Users create a digital asset wallet and mint their first NFT in under one minute via encrypted near-field communication technology (NFC) on mobile devices through Sprinkles, Cupcake's secure NFC tags, which are paired with smart contracts.

Tommy Hilfiger

Cupcake partnered with ROVE and Tommy Hilfiger to create Tommy Factory NFTs during the 2022 New York Fashion Week. These NFTs were claimed, live, at the event by guests on their phones in under a minute using Cupcake Protocol.


Thousands of Lolla attendees visited the Solana Compound and minted their first free NFT using Cupcake Protocol.

Degen Trash Pandas

Holders of Degenerate Trash Pandas were given the opportunity to mint DTP Dumpsters, a NFT redeemable for a hoodie.